Publication Notes - 59

Sunflower By elha | 25 August 2019


Needless to say I keep her in check

Eastside By elha | 25 August 2019


She used to meet me on the Eastside In the city where the sun don't set

Am I wrong By elha | 04 July 2019

Am I wrong

Am I wrong for thinking out the box from where I stay?

Evidemment (France Gall) By elevysi | 04 July 2019

Evidemment (France Gall)

I will always be amazed by the power of words; you use the right ones when suited and the outcome can be astonishingly wonderful.

Man Down By elha | 17 April 2019

Man Down

Man Down
Baby wanna take my life
She don't wanna be no side ...